Images and listing for Ike Clashes

Post pictures, comments and questions about this category of Ikes (Die clash overlay diagram inside)
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Images and listing for Ike Clashes

Post by Windycity » Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:54 pm

I am new to this so I apologize if I am asking a stupid question. As a member of VAMWorld and an active collector of Morgan and Peace VAMs, I pay attention to clashing and other varieties for all series... most recently more and more Ikes. VAMWorld has a date by date listing of know VAMs including descriptions and images. Is there such a page here or another site with such details for Ikes?

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Re: Images and listing for Ike Clashes

Post by AndyO » Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:38 pm

We do not really have such a thing in that we've not yet embarked on such a project. To be honest, it could be a VERY long list, and many coins will be the exact same type of clash over many different dies, let alone issues. Confirming you have the right die could be impossible in some cases due to die state. All this tends to lead to a somewhat boring endeavor to not only put together, but collect. Talon head 71D Ikes for example could number upwards of 100; throw in the other clash marks and look out. We don't really know of any other entity tackling such an project, possibly for the same reasons I just spoke of. Peace and Morgan dollars are much more varied in the concept of VAMs than Ike clashes.

I guess it might be neat to say "I've collect all the possible Ike clashes", but putting the list together would quite a focused effort and time. I see some that I've never recognized before all the time. It just never seems to end.

However, there is quite an effort behind the scenes right now from the Ike Group for a new publication, and I think it will help the Ike collecting community. Maybe after that, who knows.
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Re: Images and listing for Ike Clashes

Post by SteveP » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:45 am

I have not seen exactly what you are requesting, but:
I'm hoping that THE Book (Volume 1) that Andy is talking about is another huge break through - can't wait.
This forum is loaded with good information - the best online source for Ike info - dig away.

Here are some complimentary resources:
No photos, but a decent list year by year - and
THE book (volume 2) - ... 04798.html (Some people read it cover to cover while on their honeymoon ;) )
The IDDD site -
The numerous articles at the Ike Group home page -
CONECA's master listings -
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