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1976-D Type II IKE: Not just a doorstop after all?

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:33 am
by HJKinChicago
Hi there.
I think I finally found something interesting on a Type II 1976-D IKE the other day. Its not listed on the web site and I was encouraged by the prompt to "Share!" So here we go...
I always check the IKEs I get for what I affectionately refer to as "Fang Eye." I define this as the Obverse Die being ground down to the point that the eye loses it form and just looks like two fangs instead of a pupil. Once I see one that has this feature (or more properly, lack of proper feature) I look around to see what else is wrong. The coin I have is a peg leg; not unheard of on the 1976-D, but in my experience not super common. Of most interest to me was the reverse of the coin. It had a "Moon Shadow;" not round but not squared either. By this I mean a raised area that must be the remains of the neck clash that was not properly polished away. As you can imagine, the coin is HEAVILY die abraded as well. Anyone ever find one like this? Is it something that is worthy of listing in the DIVa Attribution section? Well if anything, maybe it will get you guys to look through your Bicentennial IKEs again... Happy hunting! HJKinChicago