Have no idea what this is?

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Have no idea what this is?

Post by Plumchas » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:52 am

Good morning,

I am fairly new to coin collecting. I ran across this coin 2 years ago. Had went to my local bank to do some banking, while standing in line the person in front of me deposited what looked like a large letter envelope of larger dollar coins. The old lady was done and moved along, and I strolled to the tellers window. I conducted my banking business, then asked teller about the envelope. I ended up purchasing 211 dollars worth of Ikes. However being new to the hobby I had no idea what to look for other than mint mark, and if it was a proof. The only coin that stuck out as unusual was a 1976 no mint mark silver Ike. Again not knowing what I had I placed with a bunch of other silver coins to go through at a latter date. Fast forward to two weeks ago, I am sitting at my desk trying to sort through the coins that have littered my desk to the point I cannot see my desk. I come back across the coin in question. The following is the only information I can say for certain exists with this coin. Oh by the way I took the the coin to my local coin shop yesterday and they were stumped. According to them this coin should not exist.
1. It is a 1976 Ike
2. It is silver ( I did the tissue test and dealer confirmed it being silver)
3. It does not have a mint mark
4. On the reverse the lettering is of the type 2 variety
5. The date is much larger than the typical 1976 type1
6. It weighed 22.8 grams
7. The coin has been circulated (not good shape)
I absolutely stumped by thus coin, have posted it on cointalk, and they called me a troll. I can understand their accusation, I am just wanting information. [im

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Re: Have no idea what this is?

Post by BrianVaile » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:14 pm

It looks to me to be a Silver plated 1976-P Type 2. The weight is too low to be a 40% Silver IKe (Which were only made as Type 1).
Not too uncommon to find a silver plated Ike here and there, especially in a big batch of circulated Ikes.
Keep looking.....plenty of other cool things to find! Don't forget to check for rotated reverses as well.

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Re: Have no idea what this is?

Post by 19Lyds » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:02 pm

At 22.8 grams in weight, there's just no way that the coin is a 40% Silver IKE.

As Brian Stated, the coin is probably silver plated.

I know for a fact that these were offered in Gold Plating, Gold Anodized plating and Silver plating as I have several.
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