Been away a while and now seeing lots of changes!

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Re: Been away a while and now seeing lots of changes!

Post by FS-801 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:21 pm

While you were gone, many factors have caused a pretty dramatic fall in high-end Ikes and drove prices down, this has opened the door for cheaper/better Cherry Pickin! :D
This. :idea: Recently I was able to upgrade my 1971 in MS65 to a MS65+. The "plus" for me was really in the toning. I paid less for it than I did for my MS65 ($180!) just 2 years ago. :shock:

I'm not bothered, though. Andy mentioned that "if you're currently collecting Ikes, it better be purely for your own enjoyment." That's exactly where I'm at and will remain. My registry set is a labor of love. I have really enjoyed building and upgrading this set over the past 6 years. That's what it's about to me- the joy of assembling a high caliber set. As for a 1971 in MS66? That's more of a possibility for me now than has ever been. That's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned. Besides, I think this series will be on the upswing again at some point. Everything has its cycles. The thing that will prevent this upswing, of course, would be a population explosion of the loftier grades for the CuNi issues. But, then again, that would still be good for little ol' me. I don't want the demand for Ikes to increase just so the value of my set will increase. I'm not in this for an investment (coins are terrible for this, IMO). I want there to be more demand because that means there will be more collectors out there to share the passion with. I'm optimistic for the future of this series. I think I have to be. :mrgreen:

Oh, and here's that '71 in gorgeous MS65+ - Rustic toning on the obverse with a very "smoky" reverse. It's a handsome Ike for sure!

1971 Eisenhower PCGS MS65+ GC slab-ccfopt.jpg
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Re: Been away a while and now seeing lots of changes!

Post by 19Lyds » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:39 am

AndyO wrote:
Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:39 pm
One other thing I think that boosted Ikes was the CPG. It appears Whitman is not going to do another issue. I don't even get a response from them. We submitted several candidates to them a few years back, and that's the last we heard. When that book came out at each edition release, there was a little uptick in activity.

FYI, we did upgrade the forum bigtime while you were out. Fixed a lot of problems behind the scene, got some things working properly. We know it's going to be a ghost town from here on out, but, we'll be here.
Additionally, at least 2 of the IKE's listed in the CPG will be dropped from the next issue if there ever is a next issue.

1972-S FS-101 and the 1973-S FS-101

What the CPG bases "Lack of Interest on" is beyond me since a number of these have been graded and reside in Registry Sets. While they are not 1955/55's they are, none the less, important varieties in the IKE Collecting Market.

Too bad the CPG doesn't expand heir offerings since they already have a 1 cent to 5 cent Edition, why not have a 10 cent to Quarter edition and then a 50 cent to one dollar edition? This would enable them to expand the number of varieties with the FS Label.
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