New information on old doubled die's

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New information on old doubled die's

Post by tko-5 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:53 pm

Hello all, IDDD has added new information to two of the older doubled die's listed both by Wexler and Wiles, I will be working with James Wiles to up-date older works.
Again we have a first reverse taken out of service - Wexler's old WDDO-029 has two reverses discovered by myself ( IDDD ) you can read about it on the IDDD site, IDDDO-41 first reverse and second reverse :D
Also two obverses to the well known BIG DDR for 1972 D listed with Wexler and James Wiles both, IDDD has now listed it as first obverse IDDDO-5A /IDDDR-3 mentioned by others as not being doubled ( I just changed that ) and also paired with a second obverse IDDDO-5B/IDDDR-3 the second obverse marriage is paired with the obverse die known to be paired with the BIG Reverse and is actually the second pairing after the first obverse was taken out of service :D
As more coins come in will give more chances for me to detail new findings.
I have completed the peg-leg research or better said for now, can be seen on the peg-leg page on the IDDD site, these Ike's keep coming so at any time changes will be made, happy days are here.
Go Ike's.

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Re: New information on old doubled die's

Post by SteveP » Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:13 pm

Can you post links to the two new updates?
Steve Palladino


Re: New information on old doubled die's

Post by tko-5 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:44 am

Information on the two above die representatives, the 1971 s proof was show in Wexler's book as WDDO-029, IDDD has it as IDDDO-41 never known to have two reverses till now, I have spoken to MR Wiles so he can add this new information for his files, this request has a link ... f_wd_d.php I do not know why the change happened.

The second die 1972 D you know the BIG ONE deals with both Wexler and Wiles, both have it listed with only one reverse mate however there are two obverses, Wiles has as a first obverse with No doubling going on, IDDD has changed that older information as well, I have it as IDDDO-5A/IDDDR-3 for the first obverse and IDDDO-5B/IDDDR-3 having the second well known obverse paired with the Big well known reverse, the first obverse was used early on till the die was removed from service, at this point I do not know why the change in obverse die's only that this reverse had two obverses.
To find this one go to on to the first 1972 page die's 1 through 24, this is a scroll down to about the center of the page and is the last 72 D coin listed and no pictures yet however the description is right on for attributions.

Tom K.

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