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1972 P Double Dies...

Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 2:30 pm
by shasta7
Hi all...

Just am curious if others been finding, searching, or looking for 1972 P or other Double Die
Coins... I just got a new batch of Ikes in dated 1972 P & after going thru them found about
1/2 dozen Double Dies... I still find it strange that there is NOT more interest is trying to find
more Ike Double Dies (other then the 1971 S Proof Coins)... after looking at The Ike Group,
John Wexler, Tom Kalantzis, & others writtings/postings... there really isn't many DDO or DDR
72 P or D Coins.... I am sure there isn't a lot of really pronounced double dies in the P or D Clad
series cause of the hard metal... but I still find it interesting none the less... :-)

If anyone else wants to chime in please do... seems there isn't many Diva's in 1972 P either...


Re: 1972 P Double Dies...

Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 3:09 pm
by SteveP
Terry -

I have a number of rolls of 72P double dies (counting both TPG coins and raw). There are some really nice ones. The issue right now is sorting out upline doubled versus unique double die. That study will come. IDDD has some good baseline information, but insufficient photos and MMPs in this area. CONECA, ehh. If study produces double dies in the 72P mintage that have compelling collectible features and have markers that allow consistency of attribution, then they could become a DIVa.

72D has the Wexler 1/1, which TomK has found to have two obverse die married to the reverse DDR - IDDDO-5a and IDDDO-5b (the IDDDO-5b is the classic 1/1). This one is a DIVa, and SHOULD be in CPG and in the PCGS Registry. IMO.

ps- my accumulation of these is a byproduct of searching for the T2/T1 - DIVa 2T1-101, as I assume that so too are yours.

Re: 1972 P Double Dies...

Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 6:05 pm
by shasta7
hi Steve...

Thanks for your post... appreciate your take on this subject... & YES I did discover many of my
1972 P DDO/DDR while looking for Type II Obv / Type I Rev.... :-)

I did go over many of them (Double Dies) to check to see if I had more then one of the same OBV
or REV... & found there were 5 or 6 coins of the same die where I had at least 2 of each. A few I found 5 or 6 that were exact matches... I tried to make sure that each one had at least 3 markers
for each type....

The other thing I noticed was that most fell into 4 different type of double dies... from tiny, to
small to med to larger.... I do believe that if more members search for these... they will find them
which then maybe sets could be put together... (the more collectible DD's) Just a thought... :-)
Chime in if you want... love to hear other opinions.... :)


Re: 1972 P Double Dies...

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:24 pm
by Soder47
I am on the hunt through my ike's For ddo's as i write. Hope you guys rmdoing great with your hunt. Any one have any tips or stories shoot me a message. Glad to be part of this great group.