1977-D Double Die Reverse... & 1974-D Triple Die OBV...

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1977-D Double Die Reverse... & 1974-D Triple Die OBV...

Post by shasta7 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:29 am

After getting my coins back from Tom (a year ago)...

I re-discovered in my searching my 1977-D Ike Dollar Double Die Reverse... I was wondering if anyone else has one of these or knows where I can get more info on the DDR? Looking at the Diva's for this year... there isn't any... so maybe it could be a candidate???

I also have a very nice 1974-D Triple Die OBV... which may also be of interest as a Diva...
This coin also has a talon head & JL...

Your comments are always welcome....


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Re: 1977-D Double Die Reverse... & 1974-D Triple Die OBV...

Post by SteveP » Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:12 pm

The problem with Ike double dies is the look-alike die family issue. Preferably, for attribution purposes, DIVa Ikes should be identified as a single die variety. Consequently, Ike double dies require significant research hours to sort out to their isolated die source and markers. Because of of these issues, priority for adding double dies to the DIVa catalogue will be given to:
- more robust and compelling double dies (and their families - eg DIVa 1SB-301 through 304)
- double dies with other compelling DIVa features (eg DIVA 1SB-601 or 1SB-201)

The 77D may or may not be DIVa worthy. It would take: a) the doubling is robust and compelling, and b) we would have to isolate it to single die markers, and c) exclude it a series doubling.

The 74D is more likely to make it, given the tripling and the associated clashes.

Regardless, they go to the back of a long line of potential DIVa additions that require hours of research.
Steve Palladino

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