1972-D MS67 One clash ( talonhead )

These Peg Legs were created by the polishing (or abrading) done to the area between Ike's head and the "R" on the working or master dies.
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1972-D MS67 One clash ( talonhead )

Post by pappyxyz1 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:24 pm

This is either 2/3 of ANACS population, not sure if this one is counted yet. You like, make an offer. Compared to the 10 PCGS has photo's of, this one lands about in the middle of the pack IMHO, as good or better than most in their data base. They show one that also has one clash, so the population is 2 ( MS67 72D talonhead ) that I know of.
Next batch of ANACS 003.JPG
Next batch of ANACS 004.JPG
draw_0125-6 MS67 TALONHEAD.jpg

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