Regarding "NEW - FINDS"....

Post comments and questions about the three 1972 Philadelphia Mint reverse Designs
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Regarding "NEW - FINDS"....

Post by shasta7 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:21 pm

Short story....
I went back to one of my Old Coin dealers I use to go to... just to see if they got any Ikes in...
To my surprise they did... so I purchased about $120.00.... (6 rolls) … that was about 1/2 of what
was in the bag. After getting them home & going thru them I found the following:

3 - nice AU-BU coins.... Diva # 2T1-101 (Type II OBV & Type I REV)
3 - very nice BU coins... Type II Ikes (all 3 were August Var) the one
looks like it may grade at MS-64/65... all 3 show the KEY markers
lines near eye... die chip in O of DOLLAR...

There were a lot of different ones with clashes from Hair Lips to Talon Heads to Moon Lines...
some showed "Doubled Die" - doubling. Yes I am going back to get the other half... lol

Reason for this post is to just show there are still a lot of Coins out there that can be found
& best part for next to nothing to purchase as I paid only about $1.20 per coin... so maybe go
back to your sources & RE-CHECK to see if they got anything NEW in.... good hunting!!

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Re: Regarding "NEW - FINDS"....

Post by BrianVaile » Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:47 pm

DANG! Major payoff on that one!
Yep, I'd be back for the other half the very next day with results like that. :D

Send off the good ones and get them slabbed, sell and have more $$ for Christmas this year! :mrgreen:

Happy Hunting!

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Re: Regarding "NEW - FINDS"....

Post by shasta7 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:28 pm

Yeah Brian... I got very lucky with that first batch... I did go back & get the rest...
went thru them & did find a few good ones BUT NO MORE 1972 P type II's.... :-(

I got a call from another source who said he got some more in & wanted to know if I wanted them...
I said of course & so I have more to look at... :-)

On a side note... I decided to let some of my Ikes go that were only reg circ ones... if you want to see
the public's surprise eyes open up & have many thank you... all you need to do is ask them for a dollar
& then give them an Ike dollar back.... I figure that giving them away helps to spread the word & some
even lead me to other collectors or know ppl who have them.... (funny, I now have a few starting to
collect them.... guess where they will be purchasing them from? lol

Seems like (at least in this forum) interest is going down... maybe it is cause ikes take a pause cause
there aren't that many collectors in this series... which is a shame as ikes are great to collect & not
that expensive....

As from my point of view... the people who collect have went down dramatically over last few years...
This can be seen as the US Mint has released 2 million W of each 2019 Quarters... proves the hobby declined.
I blame a lot on the mint for this... as they make so many coins... wonder what they will do once the Natl
Park Coins run down!!! Good Luck & Happy Hunting!!

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Re: Regarding "NEW - FINDS"....

Post by daviscfad » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:03 pm

Thats a cool find Shasta!

Most people do overlook the eisenhower series. Before I was a collector of them I know i thought they were worthless :oops: Some people may just be closet ike collectors. I know I have been hunting pretty regularly for ikes on ebay and I often get into a last minute bidding war with someone who is seeing the same things I am. maybe be someone here I dunno. Often when I go to coin shows and I tell someone I collect ikes they look at me and respond as if i just gave them chicken pox. :lol: So i usually just say i am browsing. I do have a source of ikes directly from loomis. The person I buy them from out there gets them from coinstars and often sends me about 1300 face every couple of months. I have searched thousands and only found one type 2 1972. The interesting thing is I usually average 10 FEV per 1300 face. The biggest problem I have is getting rid of them once i have gone through them. Most of the time I can unload them at face, and I usually pay 1.10 each shipped.

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Re: Regarding "NEW - FINDS"....

Post by shasta7 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 11:11 am

Yeah... I was happy finding the 3 Type II's... by the way got about 250 more from other source
& no luck on any great finds... :-(

It is very very surprising "after going thru about 750 ikes" that I found NO-more coins that are:

Diva# 2T1-101 - ( March - OBV Type II with the REV Type I)
Just proves to me these are just as hard to find as the Type II's (March-Var) maybe even harder
or more rare!!! I think after going thru 5,000 Ikes I only found about about 10 total... & most of
these are NOT in BU condition... So if anyone finds these Diva's they need to keep them (especially
in better Grades...)

I'd like to ask the forum members a question... Have anybody been searching for & more importantly
if so... found any & if so how many??? Ok it was 2 questions… hehehe

You are right... when you tell people you collect Ikes they wonder why.... I am sure this will also
be the case when it comes to the SBA Dollars... lol

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