1971 D Ike Peg Leg, Talon Head "Near", Chopped E

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1971 D Ike Peg Leg, Talon Head "Near", Chopped E

Post by valaruei » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:41 pm

Hello, My name is Ruel! Here is a 1971 D Ike Peg Leg, Talon Head "Near", Chopped E Variety. After Purchasing a U.S. Dollar coin set in search of a 1979 wide rim Susan B Anthony Dollar two months ago, it wasn't until yesterday I found out this came in the package. How common is this coin exactly? And would there be anyone interested in it? I hope the file I upload doesn't turn out big.
1971 D Ike 3.JPG
1971 D Ike Peg Leg, Talon Head"Near", Chopped E Variety.

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Re: 1971 D Ike Peg Leg, Talon Head "Near", Chopped E

Post by AndyO » Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:07 pm

Hello and welcome Ruel, glad to have you. Your post has been moved to a slightly more appropriate area. Feel free to post again under the BST area if you have a price in mind and wish to sell.

Your particular Ike is not all that common, and probably a one die version of the peg leg which captures all the clash marks. Check out the reverse and look for the moon line and jaw line clashes. The ones with all the clashes are a little more desirable. 71D peg legs in general are by no means scarce, but they are fewer in numbers than the 72D.

As far as value, it's probably not a whole lot based on your singe picture. These really need to be at least MS64 or better to start peaking collector interest, and being slabbed helps sellability for varieties like this also. It's hard to tell from your photo where exactly the grade falls. It looks like there is rub on the high points of the relief, and lots of marks/gouges - it may end up as an AU58. Still, the 71D with all these clashes is not super common, so it might garner $25 in that grade - just a wild guess. Ultimately it's the demand for the coin, and the collector base for these is somewhat small. It's still a great example, and I wouldn't necessarily rush off to sell it unless that's your sole desire.
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