Brown Box Peg Legs?

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Re: Brown Box Peg Legs?

Post by robEzerman » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:50 pm

Steve, agree with your comment. Made the point in V2 that the "not-doubled obverse" may have a trivial degree of doubling but nothing IMHO worthy of mentioning let alone of "collectible status" for that feature and potentially confusing if we tried.

The clearly doubled reverse is mated to this not doubled (or minimally doubled) obverse. I made the comment in V2 that the average collector would be badly confused if we listed all the Ikes with detectable doubling. More than happy to leave that job to Tom because saying "doubled" begs the question of which one?, what's the catalog number, and so on!

So, the not-doubled Trough-R obverse (see how that helps?) indeed has trivial doubling under a scope with good lighting, really trivial LOL!

Remember that we originally set out to document all the "naked eye" Ike Varieties and only planned to dip into loupe-visible doubling when necessary to cherry a given worthwhilc variety and to microscopy when necessary to confirm a loupe cherry. Rob
Now is the time to cherry Ikes. Lots of fruit still on the trees but don't wait too long. Rob Ezerman

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