1973-S Eisenhower on clad opened from brown box

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Re: 1973-S Eisenhower on clad opened from brown box

Post by 19Lyds » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:54 pm

nwobhm wrote:
19Lyds wrote:
nwobhm wrote:The holder looked fine, broke open like the others. The seller is willing to refund me so I'm good as to the $. I want to be certain I'm not returning something I should be saving, off metal planchet etc.
Well, since a proof on a CnCLad Planchet for 1973 was produced for the standard US Proof Sets, it would be pointless to refer to the coin as an "off-metal" coin as they are available in any 1973 Proof Set.

As for your particular coin, if the seller will take it back after you've already destroyed the holder it was in, then go for it. You see, most sellers will not even consider returns once the OGP has been damaged or opened by the buyer. It's just too easy to slip a 73-S CnClad Proof on there for the return.

1973 had some interesting errors and at least one true off-metal strike. Specifically, the CnClad Planchets used for the 1973-S 40% Silver Business strikes. There are at least 3 out there. Possibly more.
My thought was if a different set of dies were used on 40% vs clad it could possibly be the wrong planchet. If the same dies were used for both it's pointless.

As for the return, I buy a good bit from this dealer and this particular piece was discussed prior to purchase....specifically that it may possibly be a clad. He's an honest seller.
Had you left it in the OGP, I might have been interested in acquiring the coin just for it's oddities sake.

Just saying.
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