1971 S Blue and Brown Ikes for TRADE

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1971 S Blue and Brown Ikes for TRADE

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Hi. This is literally my first ever post on this forum. I have inherited 15 Blue and 15 Brown Ikes. I'd like to trade for other coins.

I thought I'd begin here. Any suggestions or direction on where to go? Or, leave a message if you are interested.

I also realize that I need to get additional details on the coins, but if anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it. I don't know any of the pertinant vernacular but this site has been very helpful.

I don't know if they have any type of specific variant that would be desirable. I do know that they are likely to grade high based on appearance.

I'm interested in trading for Morgan Head SDs.

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Re: 1971 S Blue and Brown Ikes for TRADE

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You'll have to let folks know what you're interested in trading for....

Beyond that, these are likely not worth more than melt value unless you happen to be very lucky and one is a variety that carries extra value or you have extremely high-grade possibilities. Maybe $300 for 30 run-of-the-mill silver Ikes?
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