801's and other Key Ike DIVA's

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801's and other Key Ike DIVA's

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There a bunch of very high-grade hard-to-find Varieties up in the Heritage FUN auction this year! :o

Posting this one for a Forum member here who found a nice 801 in a melted, original Brown pack plastic.
It is one of (2) high grade 801's in this auction. As far as I know, it is the only time 2 of these have been up for public auction at the same time.
https://coins.ha.com/itm/eisenhower-dol ... ion-071515

There are also a couple of high-grade 106's. However, one of those is mis-attributed! :shock:
Thread on that one in section IV of the forum here:

Also a nice FS-103 in 69DCAM. Not sure on the attribution on this one. Steve' did a huge study on the 103's and found that over half of the 103's in holders were mis-attributed as well. So, if you are looking to plunk down a big chunk of $$ for the 106's or 103's, make sure you do your research. (unless you are just buying the plastic).

The 801's are obviously easy. The 106's are as well if you look for the abnormally close to Ike MMP. The 103's are a bit more difficult.

Happy Hunting!

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