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eBay DIVA's

Post by BrianVaile »

I have a lot of very nice DIVA's landing on eBay tonight (07/05/20) between 10-10:20PM EST. Some are Top-Pops.
Many single digit and hard-to-find ones like:

Ear Aches: (Only 5 total are known)
Circus Seals: (Only 9 total are known)
Snake Craters: (Only 6 total are known)
Trail Dies: (I don't think any have ever landed on eBay)
Chekov's Larvas
Peg Leg FS-401

Shoot me a PM if you are interested in any and willing to do a direct transaction for 10% off. That's what the fees end up costing me and I'd rather pass the savings onto you. I do have some extra back-ups for some of these as well (but not the first 3 I listed).

Happy Hunting!

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