Need some DIVa listing advice

Post pictures, comments and questions about any other recognized or proposed die-state varieties
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Need some DIVa listing advice

Post by pappyxyz1 »

Mostly run of the mill 72-D Ike's. Both AU but have different states of abrasion in the corner of the eagles right wing. Just trying to figure the correct DIVa number it they deserve it. I know it would start with : 2D1- ??? , but then what for both coins, wouldn't be a ( .1 and .2 not the same dies ) . Going to sell them but would like a proper number for them. HELP PLEASE . The second and smaller extra wing coin, also has light double clash marks and abrasion lines on both OBV & REV. The large extra wing coin has lighter abrasion lines on the OBV & REV

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Re: Need some DIVa listing advice

Post by BrianVaile »

The 72-D does not have a DIVA with those characteristics that I am aware of.
Is there anything else on them that would make them more "uncommon" than abrasion line?
Is it the 72-D Peg Leg, DDO/DDR, or have well-placed die cracks or die gouges?

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