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Re: Are there any examples of sintered planchet C-N Ikes?

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:15 pm
by BrianVaile
Got it, at probably the lowest Type 2 MS65 price (from the big 3) in years. Because it is butt-ugly, and in an NGC holder instead of a PCGS one. AND not many know about the "sintered planchet" Type 2's. I did find one other Type 2 with a sintered planchet that same Summer, in a raw Ike bucket for $1.50 in a B&M . It was darker than than the two posted in this thread, but circulated, and so butt-ugly, that no one ever checked to see if it was a type 2! :lol:

Sounds like you and Andy ought to get together and talk "metal" some day.

Happy Hunting!