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Re: Coin Grading !!

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BrianVaile wrote:For a coin of that caliber...(If genuine), I would go with PCGS.
I am assuming you are talking about the 69-S DDO Lincoln cent. These DDO's are MS and not found
in Proof sets. You said you found it in a proof set? It would be wise to compare your coin to the pictures of the 69-S DDO cent that are in the Cherry Picker's Guide. They even warn about mistaking this particular DDO with common MDD.

It will cost you close close to $50 to get that coin graded and attributed. I'd make DOUBLY sure (pardon the
pun), before I send it in. If you don't have a CPG to compare pics, go to your local coin shop and get their opinion
on the coin. They may even be able to submit it for you to PCGS (if you are not a member with submission
privileges). If it's the real deal...I would go with Heritage Auctions.
Good Luck!

Happy Hunting!
I have a 400 X veho discovery VMS-004 Deluxe Microscope - I am not very good at it - but - I will try to get you better closeup images very soon.

Sincerely: Buster

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