1978-D Peg Leg

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1978-D Peg Leg

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Attached are three pictures: (1). The Peg Leg R of a 1978-D. The picture is tilted 90 degrees to the left to better show the "R" Peg Leg. (2) The Peg Leg "R" tilted 45 degrees to the left to show the separation from the top of Ike's head. And, (3) the actual coin. There were no other clash marks or varieties on the coin.

The coin was purchased on eBay.

Thanks for your time,
1978-D Peg Leg.jpg
1978-D Peg Leg Head.jpg
1978-D Peg Leg Pic.JPG
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Re: 1978-D Peg Leg

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Very nice example of the 78-D Peg Leg.
Great Cherry PIck! :D

Happy Hunting!

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