Cherry pickin' 1972 T2/T1 Ikes (DIVA 2T1-101)

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Cherry pickin' 1972 T2/T1 Ikes (DIVA 2T1-101)

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Write-up of the 1972 T2 family here: ... 7yOdA2/pub. Among this family is the 1972 T2/T1, a fabulously collectible DIVa 2T1-101. This one has the same obverse die as the 1972 Type 2 March release. The obverse was originally married to the T2 reverse, but then the T2 reverse was taken out of production (die crack), resulting in the obverse die being finding a new die marriage with a T1 reverse.

From the article:
However, there is an additional twist (as if Ikes from two high relief Type 2 reverse dies using new die steel weren’t enough): the 2T2-101 “March release” reverse die likely failed due to an evolving die crack through STATES. This reverse die failure likely occurred sometime in the latter part of middle die state. The obverse was still suitable to remain in service, and was thus paired with a low relief Type 1 reverse die and put back into production - a new die marriage. Terry Zerr first reported this DIVa. The obverse bears the same identical markers as it did when paired to the Type 2 reverse. This new die marriage is given the DIVa designation of 2T1-101 (1972 Type 1) - also called the “T2/T1”. Although not a 1972 Type 2 coin, it is included here as “extended family” - the obverse is still part of the family. The sequence for the obverse die was 2T2-101.1 ⇨ 2T2-101.2 ⇨ 2T1-101.
Recently, I have:
  • purchased a raw roll of 72 T1 Ikes, and found one DIVa 2T1-101 "T2/T1"
  • purchased a set of twenty PCGS MS64 72 T1 Ikes, and found another DIVa 2T1-101 "T2/T1"
  • cherry-picked a NGC MS64 DIVa 2T1-101 "T2/T1" from eBay photos bearing the obverse markers
The raw coin that I found in the roll hunt, and another raw DIVa 2T1-101 "T2/T1" that I acquired from Terry Zerr are both going out to PCGS this week.

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Steve Palladino

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