So, uh...I found this Ike...

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Re: So, uh...I found this Ike...

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Do I read this correctly: The very rare what I call "Prototype" IKE, with 4 known, WILL be added to the PCGS registry sets?
My God, if so...that's pretty lame. Beyond lame.
Brings up stress syndrome from NGC about my 5 Oz ATB "Light Satin" 2014, I discovered the 2011-P Olympic, there were 12 known at the time(I owned 10), and, convinced NGC to ADD it to their list which included Hot Springs, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Gettysburg, and Olympic National Parks. For awhile, I was THE only one with a true complete set.
1 day, checking, all my set #'s dropped. NGC Yanked all but Grand Canyon from the registry.
Their answer, when confronted, was , in a nutshell, the others were too "rare" for inclusion. I stopped caring about registry sets after this. Not my cup of tea.
So....with 4 T-I's out there, I guess I better restart my hunt, eh?
To be honest with you, after SO many screwups by PCGS, and, having to send back numerous freshly graded coins for a fix, I gave up....all NGC now.
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