Please Post Picture of 71-D Proof Like

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Re: Please Post Picture of 71-D Proof Like

Post by BrianVaile »

Beautiful PP 71-D's pictures posted!! :D

I like Andy's hypothesis. Proof carries a lot more weight than conjecture. Why are PP 71-D Ikes found, more so than in the other years? (with many of them showing Proof-like appearance even in VERY late die state). Maybe the 71-S proof planchets were not up to the desired San Fran quality standards that year so they might have shipped them off the Denver to use :?: Maybe not.

I would think it would be highly more likely if we have proof-like planchets on business strikes if they were BOTH being done at the same mint. I also think it would be highly more likely to also possibly have proof dies used on business strikes if they were both being struck at the same facility. (Whether by accident, or on purpose). However, "more likely" would mean a lot more if we had "proof"!

For example, this is the MOST proof-like 72-S Blue pack Ike I've ever seen. Was it struck on a proof planchet? Was is struck with the same dies that were used for proofs? BY accident, or on purpose? No one can say for sure, wihtout proof.
72-S Proof-like
72-S Proof-like
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Re: Please Post Picture of 71-D Proof Like

Post by DoubleJ »

AndyO, thank you for your input. The production of the planchets and whether or not they are proof planchets will probably never be known. One of my 1971-D's is a carbon copy of FS-801's PCGS insert 34579104 and my Talon Head matches FS-801's PCGS insert 34579108. If the planchets were destined for proofs, then I feel very confident they are PL's. After reading your analysis, regardless of the original intent or manufacturing of the planchets production, then they are still pretty darn good looking raw 1971-D's. They are part of a raw Morgan Dollar VAM, Peace Dollar VAM, and Eisenhower Dollar set I am assembling, just for the fun of it.

Thanks again to FS-801, AndyO, and BrianVaile for your input and insight.

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