AndyO .....Brilliant Presentation!!!

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AndyO .....Brilliant Presentation!!!

Post by SteveP »


Kudos for a fantastic presentation on the Ike Dollar! Greatly appreciated!

For those unaware, Andy gave his lecture, "Big Challenges for a Big Dollar" as part of the ANA National Coin Week education series.

Hopefully we can get the link shared here.
Steve Palladino

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Re: AndyO .....Brilliant Presentation!!!

Post by AndyO »

Who's was that Andy guy...??

Thanks Steve.

I have to admit, I was asked to do this a few weeks ago and was VERY hesitant to mention anything here simply because I was more than a little uneasy trying to convey the entire tumultuous Ike saga with any remote semblance of audience understanding in a mere 1-hour time span.

And, after an unexpected technical problem cut my presentation time down even more (you should have seen the "oh shit" look on my face when THAT happened), I had to really roll quickly because I wanted to allow for questions/discussion time thinking that would be more valuable than my power-point rambling.

I'll keep an eye out for the link once it's published.
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Re: AndyO .....Brilliant Presentation!!!

Post by BrianVaile »

Even on-the-fly, with technical difficulties, I'm sure Andy could give a hell of talk on Ikes! :ugeek:
I remember the FEV seminar at the ANA Convention years ago, with Rob Ezerman. Back when no TPG thought the FEV was an actual "Variety" because "it has never been published in a reputable published book" .
It's in Redbook now. Is that "reputable" enough"?
Thanks, Andy and Steve, for all you do in keeping Ikes alive! :D

Happy Hunting!

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