73-S SP FS-101, Wexler DDO-004

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73-S SP FS-101, Wexler DDO-004

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Gentlemen, need input from anyone who has this Ike or has an opinion based on seeing one or more.

We're working on a DIVA write-up, have the photos I took last year before I learned better techniques:
http://ikegroup.sslpowered.com/ikegroup ... 6bad31a28a .

Should shortly have better photos. The task now is to decide on the "Pick-up Points" ala CPG.

Any thoughts as to the best two or three or four pick-up points for this Ike DDO?

At this point I like BER, possibly the only DDO Ike with LIBERTY containing the pick-up points. Just find the quad doubling in the MOTTO not easy to bring out and thus not ideal pick-up points, which should be visible and securely identifiable by loupe. The die scratch is a cool marker if it's there and if you can find it, but again not an good pick-up pint IMHO. That's where we are now, but it would be great to build a consensus.

Any help much appreciated. Rob
Now is the time to cherry Ikes. Lots of fruit still on the trees but don't wait too long. Rob Ezerman

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