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Value Question...

Post by Drew_Sky »

Just found out that we have a 1971 S SILVER DDO FS-103, PF 69 Ultra Cameo, NGC. It looks like it is the top graded as the pop report shows 0 others. Anyone have any idea if there are any other registry FS-103s that are 69UC? What this is worth?

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Re: Value Question...

Post by AndyO »

The market for this is pretty thin. While people are out there, being in an NGC holder will make it tougher. Demand seems to have dropped off significantly in the last year for proof Ike DDO's. If you find the right Ike collector, it might draw $1500.

Or, it might not even draw half of that.

I truly believe an auction is the only good way to find this out on a coin like this at this stage of the game. Somehow it needs to be advertised so the right people are aware of it. I would say it probably won't sell for squat if left to the showcase of a regular coin shop.
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Re: Value Question...

Post by ryanschuyler »

This coin is the same as in the pictures. I posted. Drew is my brother.


Re: Value Question...

Post by tko-5 »

Hello guys, Congratulations to the brothers, not sure who the owner is, I am the attributor of IDDD, I would like to list your name, the owner as the person that has the top graded 15.8 ( old ) - new FS-103, this is my web site I work with Anacs John Roberts and they use my numbering system, I have information for you on my site, go to the 1971 s page and scrowl down to IDDDO-8-A that would be 15.8 and the first coin you come to, I am also working with Ken potter to list 15 of my IDDD attributed coins for the 2014 addition of cherry Pickers.

As for the price, Andy mentioned an auction, he also said if you do advertise the coin so to get as many interested parties as possible involved, I also agree with Andy that prices may be down because of the economy, however because this is the highest graded 15.8 it should fetch more then 1,500 dollars.

If you are Ok with your name being put on my site, email me, or just respond here with your OK and your full name.

Tom K.

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