1971-S Proof DDR

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1971-S Proof DDR

Post by abehil »

This is a brown Ike I just bought and still in the plastic holder.
Every letter and star is doubled on the reverse. Several doubles on the obverse as well.

A036 - 20130125_203814.jpg
A040 - 20130125_203946.jpg
A043 - 20130125_204139.jpg
A046 - 20130125_204216.jpg
A053 - 20130125_204337.jpg


Re: 1971-S Proof DDR

Post by tko-5 »

Hello abehil, The 1971 proofs have so many DDOs they usually require me to physically attribute them, I am not kidding you, there are way to many to do this exorcise with you without taking pictures of the whole obverse letter by letter, date and markers, I am sorry I just can't help without attributing your coin,, if you want me to attribute your coin there is a five dollar fee for both sides plus six dollars for return shipping, if your coin turns out to be a very common DDO I charge three dollars per coin plus shipping.
If you are interested contact me first then I will give you the rest of the information to do so.

Tom K.

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