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Hi Guys, Just thought to say, nice TDO, a first for 1974, and a high grade, and first reported on the holder.

My eye is always on the die so when Richard sent me the news on the grade I realized Yes indeed he had done well and then some and will be in the book.


PS this weekend IDDD will be at the NH show, l will be looking for New DDO/DDR or old recorded coins as well.

Bryan you have a nice up date to IDDDO-150 your coin will be featured in the peg leg section of the book, I wont be dwelling into the error side if Ikes because this subject is represented properly so I am not needed there.
There will be an extensive writing with pictures on this subject because it has to do with DDOs.

I have made a deal with a publisher to do the book and have to pay a fair amount of money to get it out - this will cause the price of the book to be higher then I want around 40 bucks per book most likely not less. What surprised me was me was they have big interest in my ground zero story and want me to put a copy of the certificate given me with five signatures are on it Patricia Clark (Head of OSHA) is one of them, They want certificate on the inside back inside cover with a blurb from me, Pat Clark had told me my role of getting the air quality tests documented and the effort put forth to get all those construction companies from all over the country and the US GOV to realize this was not your average construction site and if we did not react we would be looking at more deaths to add - long story - my efforts and rewards for my fellow man - most are still alive and doing OK considering what they where asked to do as I - We had set a record for the fewest injuries on a construction site ever and when I checked the records that are used by all statistical measure shows on graphs a drop at that time happened. Cant write the book here - here is something very few know - the slurry wall had cracked in two places - if the engineers did not fix both the whole US economy would have failed - why will be in the book as well. Back to Ikes.

Brian Vaile sent in a new RPM and will be listed on the holder as 1971 D IDDD-RPM-7.


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