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INTRODUCTION - Our growing understanding of the processes the Mint’s die shops used to create Ike dies leads to the conclusion that there are two approaches to cataloging Ike DD’s:
FIRST - Continue to catalog each and every identifiably different Ike DD based on pattern of doubling and any unique die markers present. It is our conclusion, however, that this approach will lead to an ever-growing list of identifiable unique doubled dies that will eventually become so large as to defeat the motivation of even the most dedicated collector.
SECOND - Build a dynamic interactive photographic internet catalog of the more significant (important, major, interesting) Ike DD’s which both collectors and Third Party Graders could use to define “collectable” Ike DD’s.

In this, our first step toward defining collectable Ike DD’s, the IKE GROUP presents for discussion the following summary of the important Ike 1971-S DDO’s based on Wexler’s, et al published valuations, the two DDO’s listed in the Cherrypicker’s Guide (in blue), and CONECA’s corresponding ’71-S Ike DDO files copied from their web site.

The idea is to provide a platform for on-going discussions through which we will build our own catalog of collectable Ike DDO’s. This list is by no means presented as complete, it is a beginning. In the weeks to come, we expect our Web Site members will support specific DD’s posted below and also post nominations for additions (hopefully with pictures). We also want our members to populate this list with their pictures from which the best will be chosen to be in the primary catalog (and attributed). We can all thus contribute to the generation of our dynamic Catalog of Collectable Ike DD’s.

FROM WEXLER’S “AUTHORITATIVE REFERENCE ON EISENHOWER DOLLARS (2nd Ed.)”: Note: Few, if any, changes or additions were made to his listings (& pricing) in edition 2 (2007) from his listings (& pricing) in edition 1 (1998).

1. Wexler, et al, list 58 defined DDO's with at least 5 pictures of each for the 1971-S Silver Business Strikes (SB) and 1971-S Silver Proofs (SP) Ikes. Each has a brief description which lists the Doubling Class as defined by a form of "Hub Doubling":
- 8 are Class 1, Rotated Hub Doubling, with 2 more Class 1 & 2.
- 2 are Class 5, Pivoted Hub Doubling, with 7 more Class 5 & 2.
- All others, 39, are Class 2, Distorted Hub Doubling.

(Wexler, et al, state that “Distorted Hub doubling occurs when the design images on the die or hub become
distorted during the annealing or tempering process, causing a misalignment of the images when returned to the
hubbing press.” (Pg39) This is correct but incomplete: “distorted hub doubling” is understood among die
engineers to be a form of die deterioration. As examples like the “Poor man’s Lincoln Cent DD’s indicate, in
other series, coins struck with deteriorated dies have little collector interest. It would seem, therefore, that the
burden of proof, so to speak, of whether a given Class 2 Ike DD is collectable is greater than on the other classes.)

a. Silver Business Strikes over $100 in MS65 listed by Wexler, et al:
DDO-004/MS65-$120, Class 1, 7-O-I
DDO-007/MS65-$150, Class 1, Peg Leg, 9-O-1, FS-1971S-401

b. Proof Strikes over $100 in PR66 listed by Wexler, et al:
DDO-008/PR66-$425, Class 1, Peg Leg, FS-$1-1971S-103 (15.8), 3-O-V,Ikes presently attributed by PCGS-1971-S FS-103 = Wexler DDO-008
DDO-009/PR66-$200, Class 2 & 5, Peg Leg, 14-O-V
DDO-010/PR66-$150, Class 2 & 5, Peg Leg,
DDO-011/PR66-$150, Class 2 & 5, Peg Leg,
DDO-012/PR66-$120, Class 2, Peg Leg
DDO-013/PR66-$130, Class 2,
DDO-014/PR66-$90+, Class 2, Peg Leg,
DDO-022/PR66-$200, Class 1, Peg Leg, FS-$1-1971S-106, 6-O-1,Ikes presently attributed by PCGS-1971-S FS-106 = Wexler DDO-022
DDO-029/PR66-$100, Class 1,
DDO-034/PR66-$120, Class 1 & 2

(hereafter called “CPG”):The CPG lists 2 1971-S DDO SP Ikes and one DDO SB Ike:

FS-S1-1971S-103 (015.8), CONECA 3-O-V, PROOF PF66/$300 (Wexler, et al, DDO-008)
(“Dramatic DDO on all obverse characters; clad Proof”)

FS-S1-1971S-106, 6-O-I, PROOF PF66/$300 (Wexler, et al, DDO-022)
(DDO, 6-O-I: all obverse letters and date”)

FS-1971S-401 MS65/$200, 9-O-I-CW (3) (Wexler, et al, DDO-007) (the SB “Fading Peg Leg”)

Listed in CONECA’s files below as: ... ddies.html - _1971 (Below is copied from This website)

“1971-S DDO-003 Designation: PR-3-O-V-CW from K-2; FS-$1-1971S-103 (15.8)
Description: Strong spread on date, IN GOD WE TRUST, and LIBER of LIBERTY
Grade: PR65
Population: 3
Markers: Silver ProofObverse is ODV-006 (Peg Leg R)
UVC-016 DMR-011 Stage A: Obverse is EDSReverse is LISTED as DDR-001 – EDS
Stage B: MDS (unconfirmed)
Stage C: LDS (unconfirmed)
Reported by: Delma K. Romines

1971-S DDO-006 Designation: PR-6-O-I-CCW; FS-$1-1971S-106
Description: Strong spread on all lettering and date
Grade: PR65
Population: 2
Markers: Silver ProofObverse is ODV-006 (Peg Leg R)
UVC-019 DMR-014 Stage A: Obverse is EDSReverse is MDS
Stage B: MDS (unconfirmed)
Stage C: LDS (unconfirmed)
Reported by: James Wiles

1971-S DDO-007 Designation: 7-O-I-CCW (3), may be WHO-002
Description: Strong spread on IGWT, date, and LIBERTY, with triple on vertical bars of LI
Grade: MS65
Population: 1, 1, 11
Markers: Silver BSObverse is ODV-001 (Serif R)
UVC-020 DMR-015 Stage A: EDS (unconfirmed)
Stage B: Obverse is EMDSDie crack through OF and first A of AMERICA – LDS
UVC-021 DMR-016 Stage C: Obverse is MDSReverse die changed – LDS
UVC-022 DMR-017 Stage D: Obverse is LMDSReverse die changed – EMDSReverse is LISTED as DDR-002
Stage E: Obverse is LDSReverse is MDS
Stage F: Obverse is LDSReverse is LMDS
Stage G: Obverse is VLDSReverse is LDS
Reported by: James Wiles

1971-S DDO-009 Designation: 9-O-I-CW (3); FS-$1-1971S-401
Description: Light triple spread on IN GOD WE TRUST and last 1 of date with doubling on LIBERTY and remainder of date
Grade: MS63
Population: 3
Markers: Silver BSObverse is ODV-002 (Fading Peg Leg R)
UVC-025 DMR-020 Stage A: EDS (unconfirmed)
Stage B: Obverse and Reverse are MDS
Stage C: LDS (unconfirmed)
Reported by: James Wiles

1971-S DDO-014 Designation: PR-14-O-V-CW from K-8
Description: Medium spread on IN GOD WE TRUST, date, and LI of LIBERTY
Grade: PR63 CAM
Population: 2
Markers: Silver ProofObverse is ODV-005 (Fading Peg Leg)
UVC-087 DMR-025 Stage A: Obverse is EDSReverse is MDS
Stage B: MDS (unconfirmed)
Stage C: LDS (unconfirmed)
Reported by: Denis Burger

Lists 13 DDO’s for 1971S. The website lists Approx. 25.

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