72 S PF DDO Help

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72 S PF DDO Help

Post by ahiter375 »

Does anyone know what this might be?
I have compared it to every book and website I can find.
The closest I can find to it is ARED 72S PF DDO-010 But all of liberty is DBL not just liber as listed in the book.
It has all of the DBL listed for DDR-005 except all of the stars are DBL. not just 1, 2, 12 and 13 as listed.

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Re: 72 S PF DDO Help

Post by AndyO »

I can not, but, I can tell you there is an ENORMOUS amount of DDO 72S proofs out there, many of which stem from upline hubs, etc. This one isn't too overwhelming in my book. Invariably, the ones with the biggest spreads tend to be the ones more desired by collectors in general, but certainly collect what you like. There's a lot of research hours ahead in the 72S DDO realm that quite possibly will never be completed in total by anyone.
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