1973-S BB Proof DDO? LOTS of pictures

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Re: 1973-S BB Proof DDO? LOTS of pictures

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AndyO wrote:Heads up: that die scratch is EXTRAORDINARILY hard to see depending upon light and angle. You can look with a 30X magnifier and never see it. Not saying you haven't checked it closely, just know it's not an in your face marker.
Good to know. This time I did a really close up look using my camera and my tube extenders( i know not the best) and still didn't see the die scratch in question.

But I did see 2 little (very short) die scratches this time. Directly under his chin. Actually you can see them in my last picture above. Looks like 2 little lines, these are raised on the coin.

Thanks for all your help so far...Mont.

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