1972-S SB DDO.

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1972-S SB DDO.

Post by MontCollector »

Got one more DDO to show ya. This one is Graded by PCGS MS67, and is unattributed.

Pictures should be clear enough to see the doubling. Except for the close up of the "TR" in Trust. The doubling here is so light I cant get it to show up on camera. I did point out where I can see it with my loop.

Well here goes it.
This is the "B" in Liberty. The only part of liberty that looks to be doubled.
What do you think? The "N" looks like it has something more than doubling going on. Not sure quite what though.

Thanks for looking...Mont.

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Re: 1972-S SB DDO.

Post by SteveP »

Doubled for sure. However, may be up line doubling, and not compelling enough to carry a premium, IMHO.
Steve Palladino

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