1974-D $1 Eisenhower Dollar, POSSIBLE NEW DDO

Rick Stachowski
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Re: 1974-D $1 Eisenhower Dollar, POSSIBLE NEW DDO

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Rick Stachowski wrote:
Sun Mar 22, 2020 6:09 am
Did that Ike turnout to be anything .
Here's one Tom did for me .
It's a TDO .



Here's the write up .

1974 D CN Obverse
Discovery Coin: IDDDO-1 74D New IDDDR-MH/MD-DDR IDDP-1

Cross Reference: None Known.

Attributed by: IDDD Thomas Kalantzis.

Class: Obverse Class II Tripled. Reverse Master Hub/Master Die.

Submitted by: Richard Stachowski.

Description: Class II tripling seen on many letters of IN GOD WE TRUST. Wide split serifs and doubling seen on the rest of the letters. Wide but mushy spread on the upper left serif of the 1. Tripling on the 7. CCW spread on the T and Y of LIBERTY. (Earlier die stage/die state may show a small CCW spread on all of LIBERTY)

Reverse Description: Master hub/ Master die DDR.

Marker: Obverse Full R in LIBERTY. Eye pocket die scratches. Scratch to the left of thee last T of TRUST running SW/NE. Die scratch to the left of the R of LIBERTY running SW/NE. Die crack starting at the rim to the left of the one in date meandering onto the one, continuing NE through the 9 and 7 ending at the 4 in date. Reverse: Type 3. Dot sized die gouge inside and to the upper right of the O in DOLLAR.

Date Recorded: 12/5/2013, CD.

Population: 1.

Comments: Obverse Stage B, has been abraded due to cracking on the die (Serfice crack at the base of the one in date). Mr Stachowski has the honor of being the first collector to send in the first tripled working die (TDO) for the 1974 D minted coin.

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