Discovered a 1972-P Type 1 Rev DDO-003 DMR-6

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Discovered a 1972-P Type 1 Rev DDO-003 DMR-6

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While cross checking Ike's with the DIVA lists, I discovered a 1972-P Type 1 Rev DDO-003 DMR-6. It was not attributed on the holder, but I can see if you are not looking for DDO's or DDR's, it would easily be missed. Although it was not a DIVA, it was nice find.

Also went to Variety Vista to verify the DDO and I would place the new find DDO as a Late Die State. I have another DDO-003 DMR-6, that I would place as Mid Die State based on the both coins strength of strike compared to the photos at Variety Vista.

I apologize for the glare. It seems impossible to find an angle to eliminate without loosing the details on the coin.

1972 DDO-003 E.jpg
1972 DDO-003 R.jpg
1972 DDO-003 T.jpg
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