1972-d DDR-001,DDO-1


Re: 1972-d DDR-001,DDO-1

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Thanks Bill O',
That's very interesting, about 10 pieces. I love this kind of doubling. It gives me a specific kind of doubling to look for at the shows (It's one of the pictures I carry with me to jog what's left of my memory). :roll:
Thank Dr. Wiles for the info.

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Re: 1972-d DDR-001,DDO-1

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Just checked my 1972-D Ikes and found what I believe are 6 DDR-OO1 and DDO-1 as Bill Sanders describes in this post on 1972-D DDR-OO1, DDO-1 with the exception of the die crack in the O, none of my coins exhibite this. I also noticed on all 6 coins the "D" in united also has serif top left side of "D" - here is a list of my 1972-D Ikes

3 coins grades MS63-64
islands doubled, notch in one in date, S's serifs, notch in "D" in united, no machine doubling.

1 coin grade MS-65 same as above except slight machine doubling in America and dollar.

2 coins grade MS-65 same as above except strong machine doubling on states of America and dollar (both coins look idenical).

Hope some of this information is of some help.

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