1972-D Peg Leg AU55 value

These Peg Legs were created by the polishing (or abrading) done to the area between Ike's head and the "R" on the working or master dies.
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1972-D Peg Leg AU55 value

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Hello everyone and thanks for allowing me to be part of the ikegroup. I had a 1972-D Peg Leg graded and it came back as AU55. Any thoughts on value? Thanks in advance.

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Re: 1972-D Peg Leg AU55 value

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Nice to have you.

At one time, these were very scarce. However, in recent years an awful lot have shown up. One of the guys actually had several rolls of uncirculated examples a few years back. I would suggest going for a MS65 or MS66 example if you are looking for some small value. There is even one known MS67 out there in a PCGS holder.
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