DDO FS-106 Marker - Peg leg

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DDO FS-106 Marker - Peg leg

Post by Rob407 »

I have two 1971s DDO FS-106 ike dollars, NGC PF67, 3618252-001 and 2601363-004. One is a peg leg but other has a foot (2601363-004)…question: is that possible?

3618252-001, peg leg has all of the classic markers
2601363-004, non-peg leg markers are nice but not the same, see pic

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Re: DDO FS-106 Marker - Peg leg

Post by AndyO »

Without comparing the two in hand, be VERY careful; there's a LOT of 71S DDO's, and many from the same families. Only one is the real deal. The confirmed 106 has a peg leg.
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