1971-D Type 1 and 2

Post comments and questions about the three 1972 Philadelphia Mint reverse Designs
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1971-D Type 1 and 2

Post by MontCollector »

I was glancing at the price guide listed on the site and noticed that there are 2 types of 1971-D Ikes.

Are these distinguished by moon type like the 1972-P's? Or is it something else?

Thanks in advance...Mont.

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Re: 1971-D Type 1 and 2

Post by SteveP »

Type 1 = Friendly Eagle
Type 2 = standard issue
Steve Palladino

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Re: 1971-D Type 1 and 2

Post by AndyO »

On that note, I'll have to re-evaluate the price guide DAILY the way prices are plummeting....
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Re: 1971-D Type 1 and 2

Post by BrianVaile »

Andy, I can TOTALLY see that!
Today I looked at a Heritage 71-S MS67. NO way would I have even sent the coin in to be graded. I'd put it at 64 at best. Yet these types of High-Grade Ike coins have been "cropping up" over the years. All of the "high end" Ikes that really aren't "high end" makes for a tough playing field and over saturates the market, driving prices down. Coins, while equal in number, are FAR from equal!

I honestly believe that the Ike Dollars are probably the most Rodney Dangerfield "I Don't get no respect" series of US coins. Thus, the Ike Group is here to wake up a few true collectors and go forward. ROCK ON IKE DUDES! :D

Happy Hunting!

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Re: 1971-D Type 1 and 2

Post by daviscfad »

I saw an ms 67 1976d type 2 either on heritage or ebay.. i was like waaa???.. crazy..

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