Type 3 weak obverse strikes

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Type 3 weak obverse strikes

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I own 22 1972 Type 3 Ikes. Of these I consider five of them to be at least MS quality and only one I consider as poor as XF. I usually discover two or three of them together in 1972 rolls I have purchased in the past. This week, after reviewing all of them under a loupe I observed a pattern. On the obverse of 7 of them I noticed that the 'L' and 'I' in LIBERTY appear to be much more weakly struck than the rest of the letters, and I'm talking Peace Dollar quality 'weak'. This is even the case in two of my "MS" quality Type 3s. There seems to be no research on Type 3 die histories I've observed and little on the Type 3s themselves outside of Herbert Hicks April '74 Numismatist article. I do know the obverse dies were the same as the ones used to create 1972-P Type 1s.
Granted, 7 examples out of 22 is not a large sample size to be considered statistically significant out of the 44.8 million minted between August and November 1972, so I was wondering if anyone else with a larger collection of Type 3s has observed this?

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