FEV Die Crack Question

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FEV Die Crack Question

Post by DoubleJ »

The 4 reverse attachments show a die crack extending from the rim to the top of "ED" in UNITED to "ST" in STATES. I have 2 FEV's with the same die crack.

My question is: How common is this die crack in the FEV?
FEV Die Crack 1.jpg
FEV Die Crack 2.jpg
FEV Die Crack 3.jpg
FEV Die Crack 4.jpg
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Re: FEV Die Crack Question

Post by SteveP »

I couldn't give you a population report, but I'd say they were uncommon. Regardless, it sounds like you have two coins from the same die. I love to keep same-die die crack coins in my collection.

Read more on Ike die cracks in this section: http://forum2.ikegroup.info/viewforum.php?f=670
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Re: FEV Die Crack Question

Post by AndyO »

I'm pretty sure it's not common. Without looking at the few I have left, I'm fairly certain none have it and I don't remember any of the other one's I've owned having it - but I do know I've seen it before.

I know Brian probably has some of the best data for this.
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Re: FEV Die Crack Question

Post by shasta7 »

Reviving the FEV die crack coins... :-)

Just ran across this posting... I just found a FEV with similar die crack on rev... except my coin the die crack is not as long... so I am sure my coin is in the early stage ... my coin rev crack starts at the right side of top of E (united) & goes to the left side top (states)... the crack direction is identical
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Re: FEV Die Crack Question

Post by 1872Hokie »

PrimeMover should jump in here. The FEV you have at PCGS has a crack almost all the way through STATES, right?
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