A shipping date for 71-S SB fpl blue packs

71-S SB Fading and Straight Peg Legs
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A shipping date for 71-S SB fpl blue packs

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I’m brand new to the forum, although I’ve visited and learned a lot over time and appreciate what has been done here. I have been cherry picking for varieties for a while and thought I’d pass on some things I have learned along the way that may or may not already be known. I also have a few questions to ask. This year being the golden anniversary of the beginning of the Ikes, I’m hoping interest will pick up a bit and this is my contribution along that line. I’m posting under this category first to share a bit of information and ask a question.

A couple of years ago I bought a sealed group of 5 1971 blue Ikes that I left sealed until last night. All 5 were nice and shiny with no white haze so I carefully cut them out and put them into 2x2 flips. Two were typical SB Ikes, but the other three were a nice surprise. They are all three Fading Peg Legs with DDO and no sign of doubling on the reverse. One of the three has a very faint die crack through “OF” which should put it in the DIVa 1SB-202.1 category, but the other two show no sign of the crack that I can find. All three appear to be in a pretty early die state. The micro-engraving on the small crater above “ONE” looks very much like the photo in the Ike Group book (Chapter 12, Figure 1) and in fact the details on all craters is the sharpest I have seen.

So, my question is: Is the difference between 1SB-201 and 1SB-202.1 just the die crack (or die state), or is the DDO also different. If they have different DDOs, does 1SB-202.1 have to have the “OF” die crack to qualify, or would they just be considered an earlier die state of 1SB-202.1. Afterall, dies, unlike the rest of us, don’t start out with cracks! I know all of these fall under FS-401 but I’d like to better understand the differences.

As for the information I’d like to share, it is in regard to a bit of conjecture in The Book, chapter 38, page 2 of 2, where it says:
“Then, 200,004 1971-S SB Ikes were struck in March, 1972 (!), possibly to fill orders For 1971 Blue Packs: but 200,000 is close to our estimated population of the “smokescreen” (we think) Design Variety 1971-S SB Fading and Straight Peg Leg Ikes;”

I know this smokescreen theory may already have been discarded, but in case not, I though I should share the postmark date found on the original package: December 7, 1971. Hope this helps.

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