a near 73S SP peg leg

Comments on the 1971-S straight peg-leg & 1974-S Eskimo boot peg-leg
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a near 73S SP peg leg

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I know there is another one out there (http://forum2.ikegroup.info/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=79)....

Just not this one. I spied it on eBay and took a chance (holdered as a plain PCGS PR69DCAM). Still a bit of serif left. However, on inspection, it does have the FS-101 markers (except the notched serif R, because there is barely any serif left). IMO, a nice coin nonetheless. But, the search continues....
73S SP 11965589 near peg leg R.jpg
73S SP 11965589 circular die scratch neck.jpg
73S SP 11965589 D.jpg
73S SP 11965589 1.jpg
73S SP 11965589 IN low light.jpg
73S SP 11965589 IN high light.jpg
73S SP 11965589 MM  placement.jpg
Steve Palladino

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