71 s

Comments on the 1971-S straight peg-leg & 1974-S Eskimo boot peg-leg
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71 s

Post by montie1977 »

Hello thank you for letting me join the group. I have a 1971 S Proff I'd that is a PEG LEG variety. Should I have it graded? Or should I leave it in the plastic container the Mint encased it in. Does any one no it's value?

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Re: 71 s

Post by AndyO »

Thanks for coming.

I'd leave it as-is, no premium associated to these. There's several million of them that were made as peg legs, so it's basically worth it's value in silver and that's about it unless you happen to luck out and have one of the 71S varieties. Look under our Double Die section for various posts with pictures there.

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