Shadow Ike's CB sibling

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Shadow Ike's CB sibling

Post by SteveP »

I was inspecting a 1972 Type 2 that I just acquired. Turns out to have the obverse March release markers minus any distinct STS die cracks (and minus a TH, of course). Then I noticed that it has a rather deep shadow, with a faint contrail.

I guess this would be expected, since it is a RDV 002, but to this relative newcomer to Ike collecting, it was exciting to see so distinctly in a CB. I then checked my other 1972 T2s and found a few other SB Shadow Ike siblings, with extra lunar limes and shadow, but no discernable contrail, and like the 1972S SB, also a few CB T2s with no shadow, no extra lunar lines.

Probably old hat for most at the Ike Group, but fun for me. Thanks for research that you have done and the publications. I'm looking forward to May 1 (Volume 1?).

-Steve Palladino
Steve Palladino

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Re: Shadow Ike's CB sibling

Post by BrianVaile »


Good observations and a good May 1st guess as well! :mrgreen:

At least you were right on the first part.......I don't think Volume 1 will be ready for print quite that quite that soon.
Still, have to finish a few chapters.

Happy Hunting!

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