Wanting to Buy; Wanting to Sell

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Wanting to Buy; Wanting to Sell

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I am looking to purchase three Ikes and looking to sell some of my duplicates.

1972P Type 3 MS65 PCGS with CAC sticker;
1974D MS66 PCGS with CAC sticker;
1976P Type 1 MS65 PCGS with CAC sticker.

1972P Type 1 MS65 PCGS
1972 Type 3 MS65 NGC
1973 S Silver MS68 PCGS
1974D MS66 NGC
1976 P Type 2 MS66 PCGS
1978 P MS66 PCGS
1978D MS66 PCGS

You can contact me directly at: craigslistpa@aol.com for pictures or pricing. If you have any of the ones I need, send me your price and pix if you have them.

I'll take trades in 90% or 40% silver as well as cash/PayPal.

Have a happy holiday.


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