shadow values

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shadow values

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If a Shadow is DIVA'd what Values in various grade levels (PCGS ms67) are they, price guide is not reflective?

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Re: shadow values

Post by SteveP »

I'm not certain that there is a significant premium attached to the Shadow Ike (1972S SB) in the broader Ike collecting community. However, there are those, like me*, who would much rather own a 1972S SB Shadow Ike than a 1972S SB non-shadow Ike**. To a great extent, valuation is a product of supply/demand.

I would guess (purely a WAG) that some Ikes with nice Shadows could sustain a premium:
- 1972S SB in MS68 (with contrail image)
- 1972 T2
- 1971S SP or 1972S SP

(* especially if I can find a nice Shadow Ike in MS68)
(** and, while you're at it, a nice Astronaut/Golfer, too)
Steve Palladino

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