Hi questions of my 76 Ike :)

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Hi questions of my 76 Ike :)

Post by clueless76 »

Hey all :) I'm a newbie collector I have only 6 ikes, but my intrigue is fastly growing as well. I have a 76 ike with no mint mark, it is type 2 with the fancy letters. I will attach a few pictures, but the photos do it no justice, what a beautiful coin I love the moon on it! 1/100 scale, I was wondering how rare these are? Also what grade do you think this one is in? To have it professionally graded where would you send it? Sorry for all the newby questions but I reallyyy appreciate you taking time to read this :) Hope y'all are having a wonderful night! Thanks - Alicia <3
P.s - Hope I haven't came off as too stupid :p I look forward to hearing from you!
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Re: Hi questions of my 76 Ike :)

Post by AndyO »

Hello, thanks for joining. First, let's get to the end story: your coin is nice, but basically worth face value, especially if it's seen any circulation. If it is uncirculated, it's likely the cost of getting it professionally graded will be more than it's worth afterwards.

I would suggest you spend all your focus on looking, reading, and learning before spending money at this stage of the game. Certainly check out all the posts, archives, and articles here. There's lots of pictures and learning to be had. The PCGS registry is also a great place to see pictures of some fine Ikes.

Cruise through eBay for Eisenhower dollars and you'll start to get a feel for what's worth what. You can also start buying there and easing your way into them without financially burying yourself until your knowledge about Ikes is developed.

I believe our Gradeview link on our home page can help you out as well with a general feel for grading uncirculated Ikes.
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Re: Hi questions of my 76 Ike :)

Post by SteveP »

I would agree with Andy that this coin would not grade high. It would have to grade out as MS66 by PCGS for the value to offset the shipping and grading fees.

The 1976 Type 2 was the highest mintage in the entire Ikes series, at 113,318,000.

However, the R in LIBERTY on your coin looks close to a peg leg. I can't tell from photo exactly - only enough to raise suspicion. Maybe you can post a close-up of the R in LIBERTY? This would be an example of how Ike collecting has layers. There is the first layer: quality /grade of the basic coin. Then subsequent layers that may add value: appealing toning, and my favorite, varieties (such as a peg leg).

I'm happy to hear that you are interested in the Ikes series.

On the one hand, I agree that you don't want to throw money away in consistently buying items for more than they are worth. Educating yourself is the best way to avoid that. In fact, as you educate yourself, you then start to recognize and buy Ikes that are underpriced. On the other hand, I personally have many Ikes that I keep in my raw collection that appeal to me, yet I would not expect them to grade high enough to send them in to a third party grader (TPG). That is one of the nice parts of collecting - you collect what appeals to you.
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