1976 Type 1 & Type 2 E PLURIBUS UNUM

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1976 Type 1 & Type 2 E PLURIBUS UNUM

Post by AndyO »

Herb, Brian, and I had a brief discussion the other day about EPU on the Type 1 bicentennial Ikes. I think it was Herb that mentioned UNUM not being centered under PLURIBUS while discussing and unrelated topic about the Liberty Bell.

I replied to Herb that it wasn't that UNUM was not centered, but in actuallity PLURIBUS was out of position in relation to the other two words, E and UNUM. In fact, E and UNUM appear to be centered quite nicely with one another. If you look closely, you'll see that more PLURIBUS letters stick out to the left of the U than they do to the right of the M on Type 1 Ikes.

We know that a different font is used between Type 1 and Type 2 bicentennial Ikes for EPU, but no one seems to know why the Type 1 is not centered. A difference in blank space size exists from Type 1 to Type 2 between the right edge of the Liberty Bell and the left edge of P, but I would call it negligable for the time being.

Therefore, already establishing that E and UNUM are centered with one another, and PLURIBUS starts out at approximately the same position, we can probably deduce that it is actually E and UNUM that are not centered with PLURIBUS; they are shifted to the right of PLURIBUS's center on Type 1 bicentennial Ikes.

Sounds like a good mystery, anyone have some simple logic and facts that we can apply beyond what we already know and have stated?

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Re: 1976 Type 1 & Type 2 E PLURIBUS UNUM

Post by herbhicks »

I find it rather interesting that even the Type 1 EPU is a design change. The original winning design of Dennis Williams had E PLURIBUS in one line with UNUM centered under it. If it had been coined that way, I think we would have seen even smaller letters than Type 1.

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