PCGS Attribution Guidelines

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PCGS Attribution Guidelines

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This question is not specific to Ikes, but is from understanding how PCGS evaluates coins. I recently found a (OH NO!) 1966 SMS Kennedy that per CONCEA is a FS901 Stage D, with no F and a barely discernable G. The Stage E is no discernable F or G. When you look at the PCGS site, for the "No FG" FS-901 they list 2 coin numbers, 411636 and 145426, with the only difference I see between them as the description for the 145426 having a specification of FS-013.9 I don't have access to a CPG, need to buy one, but can anyone clarify why they would have 2 numbers for the same coin? Would the first number cover both stages of the CONCEA listing and the second just the Stage E? CoinFacts doesn't give any info, and it appears the pictures for both types are the same. What guidelines does PCGS use for their evaluation? We have the same thing in Ikes with the 6D1-201 and the FG being "almost entirely obliterated", which I would assume is Stage E, as compared to a Stage D where at least you can make out most of the FG.

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Re: PCGS Attribution Guidelines

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PCGS SUCKS at attribution. Trust me on that lesson....

I assume the reason for what you see is because they put the early FS.XXX.Y numbers on years ago with a corresponding PCGS number, and then when it got into the CPG in the last few years with the new 901 number, they created a new corresponding PCGS number for the new FS number. I assume this was done so to avoid having thousands of coins "out there" that were no longer traceable to inPCGS record system to the new number.

72 T2 Ikes were always just that: 72 T2. All of sudden they entered the CPG and since you can get them attributed with an FS number. Same coin, different label. You'll need to pay an extra 20 or whatever dollars for the FS T2 over and above the normal T2 submission fee. Why would anyone do that? What does an FS number get you on a T2 label?

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