What to do with an over-graded coin?

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What to do with an over-graded coin?

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What does one do with an over-graded coin?
Perhaps you were happy to get such a high graded and potential windfall when you get the coin back from the grading service.

Perhaps you bought the coin at a severely discounted price to throw into your competitive Registry set just to move you up a few notches.

Perhaps the coin looked really nice when you bought it, but then it "turned" in the holder because whoever cleaned it before they sent it in didn't neutralize the chemicals in the cleaning solution. Now you have an ugly coin no one wants.

Perhaps you bought the coin at a "good price" and the pics were too lousy to see all the hits and marks. Now you can't sell it for anywhere near what you paid for it.

Perhaps you bought the coin from one of those dealers that uses stock photos, (you didn't see the fine print) and they won't accept returns.

You list the coin on eBay and no one wants to touch it for a half-way decent price.
What do you do?

Give it to a big auction house to sell at perhaps the largest coin auction of the year and hope some one will by the plastic and not the coin to move up a couple of notches in their competitive Registry set. Not a bad strategy!
One can't blame the auction house. They didn't grade the coin. They are just conducting business.

Perhaps, if you can pick up enough of these PCGS over-graded coins at a REALLY low price, because it is obvious that the coin is over-graded or downright ugly at a public auction, you could actually MAKE some money by sending them back to PCGS for their buy-back guarantee?

This 74-S isn't even close to a 68! :o
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