FUN 2018 Auction Not an FS-106

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FUN 2018 Auction Not an FS-106

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Looks like it was slabbed a fairly long time ago (via the serial number), and I know PCGS has gotten better on correctly attributing the FS-106 since then. But you don't even have to enlarge this one to see that the Mintmark is way to far away from Ike to be a legit 106. If you use the enlarge feature (I like to go to 95% on Heritage), it's easy to see the MMP isn't even close and can also see the doubling is not nearly as pronounced as the 106 either.

It's not Heritage's fault. They didn't attribute it. Will PCGS offer a buy-back guarantee for mis-attributed varieties? PCGS doesn't list a price guide for Ike varieties (probably because they couldn't keep up with the dramatic price fluctuation, which mostly go downward), so they really wouldn't have a price to go by to buy it back. ... ail-071515

Happy Hunting!

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